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SlopeScope uses unbiased scientific evidence, backed by a collective knowledge of engineering, contracting and property claims, so you know you’re getting an honest assessment. With an ever-dynamic roofing industry, SlopeScope sits high atop the market as a leading, credible roof consultant, giving you the truth about your roof. Guaranteed.

Offering a complete range of services to protect your home


stage 1: Comprehensive Roof Inspection with Report


With this report, you can approach any roofing or insurance decisions as if you were an industry expert.

When you schedule an inspection with one of our technicians, a non-commissioned roofing professional shows up at your door with your best interest in mind. The technician will check your attic for proper ventilation and inspect every aspect of your roof. They will take note of any storm related damages, damage caused during installation, maintenance-related damages and identify probable leaks. Upon completion, your technician will go over your in-depth roof report with you, including pictures and a summary of recommended actions.


Stage 2: Scope of Work
for Corrective Action

Additional $110

Itemized step-by-step scope of work, including materials to be used and a median cost of those products and services.

This scope of work coupled with the Roof Report can be sent to local roofing contractors for open bid, similar to the way government and large commercial reroof/roof repair projects are approached. This presents you with 3-5 companies all bidding apples-to-apples with cost effectiveness at the forefront of their estimate, giving you more money to put towards the installation phase, as opposed to paying for advertisement/sales commissions. It also protects you from purchasing unnecessary products and services.  


SlopeScope shield:
our warranty to you

6-9% of project cost

If there is ANY roof issue that arises under the SlopeScope shield, our clients need to make only one phone call… SlopeScope.

In addition to the roof inspection with report and scope of work, we help you find the right contractor and oversee the installation from start to finish. We perform a final inspection after installation to address any missing, incomplete or improper work to be done by the contractor. With this service, we are proud to offer a roof warranty that covers manufacturer defects and installation issues, in addition to any warranties offered by the manufacturer and/or contractor.


“Get the advice you need to make your roofing problems a thing of the past.”

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